The concept /

Following the work done for Randstad Tech Leb, I spent a few days imagining an "empathetic" chatbot, loaded with surprises and emotion. According to Danielle Krettek of the Google Empathy Lab, IA empathy can be simulated with two factors: showing vulnerability (which make the user feel closer to the robot) and having a good experience / bad experience ratio of 5 or higher.

I order to illustrate this statement, I designed a chatbot which traits (the way it writes, the word it uses) would mimic the user's traits.

The DISC model

As it was only a quick proof-of-concept, I had to simplify the range of personnalities available in society: I used the DISC model, which boils them down to 4 majors traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. By identifying gimmicks or speech habits that could be associated to each trait, I wrote 4 different versions of the same dialog (a recruiting process for Randstad), that I was able to quicky prototype using a chatbot builder.

Conversation map for the "Dominance" model (using Leszek Zawadzki's method for chatbot writing)